Inauguration on 12 December 2015
Mélocactus brasiliensis
hundred year old Mélocactus intortus
The t-shirt for the inauguration of the botanical garden, already available!
The botanical garden was built as an open air stage. The garden, with a surface of 5000 m² will be ceremonially inaugurated on 12 December 2015.
More than 3500 specimen of 800 plant species from South and North America, Africa, South Europe and Asia turn up in this garden.
A pre-booking to be picked up at the port by our minibus (8 seats) is also possible. Further, you have the possibility to eat and drink in our restaurant with a beautiful view over the botanical garden as well as over the island and to buy young plants of our collection in the souvenir shop.

Opening hours :

By day:                    Tuesday – Sunday 9am – 1pm (only with reservation)
By night:              Friday & Saturday  6pm – 9pm (only with reservation)

  • Independent or guided tours possible
  • Sale of plants in our local nursery
  • Tips & advices for plant care
  • Guided group tours by arrangement

Ticket prices :

Adults:                 10€ (free admission for children up to the age of 3)
Discounts:          6€   (children from 4-18 years, students, job applicants)

Special rates are available upon request for guided tours, group tours, etc.

Safety advices (please be sure to note) :
  • Suitable footwear
  • Please stay on the designated paths
  • Leisurely pace by visiting the garden to prevent injured by cactus-spikes because of sudden movement
  • It is forbidden to walk on the patches, little plants could be destroyed

5000m² of an open air stage, but there is still more than that expecting you…!
Inauguration on 12 December 2015


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