The oasis
botanical garden, view over the bed called “Africa”
The wonderful flower of the Mélocactus intortus
The flower of Opuntia Triacantha, native on the island La Désirade
This is the beginning of a great adventure tackled by its cacti-lovers, but without realizing how much work is in such a project…
On the parcel of 5000 square metres, one named “Le Désert”, the botanical garden, dedicated to cacti and other succulent plants, is beginning to emerge.

Initially, the following items had been on the agenda: Clearing the overgrown piece of land, modeling the landscape, building fences, cutting trees and take care of the plants.
Hereafter, the landscape was shaped; plant-beds were built with reused stones which had been found while clearing the overgrown piece of land and paths leading through the garden were marked, terraces were built as a place of rest.
Furthermore, 3 bungalows were built across from the botanical garden. Volunteers (i.e. active holiday makers) have the possibility to live there free of any charges in return to their daily work in the botanical garden.
Therefore, we arrived already at the second project of the association.
Some pictures to show the evolution of the previous work:

You can find hundreds of different succulent plants in our botanical garden: Firstly, the big family of cacti (Mélocactus, Cereus, Mammillaria, Notocactus, Gymnocalycium, Ferocactus, Opuntia, etc.).

Apart from that, you will find:
  • agave
  • aloe
  • kalanchoe
  • pachypodia
  • adenium
  • euphorbia
  • jatropha
  • echeveria
  • sedum
  • stapelia
  • etc
There is no desert without an oasis or water source… Let yourself be surprised and amazed by a wonderful landscape and be transport into another world.

Moreover, it is possible to book a hike outside the garden to discover the local fauna and flora. The hike covers well-marked paths and leads you to the plateau from which you have a fantastic view. (duration: 2h)

We also offer a tour to visit the natural habitat of the Mélocactus intortus as well as its last stocks in Baie-Mahault. (duration: 1.5h)