Massacred Mélocactus intortus
Reproduction of the Mélocactus intortus with no-till
Mélocactus calderanus
The nursery !
This nursery is the work of two enthusiasts and collectors of cacti and succulents.
Our personal collection…..!

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 Mélocactus intortus.

After a walk in 2012 one specific discovery changed the life of us two cacti-lovers.
SAM 2158
Massacred Mélocactus intortus

That is why they decided to found a non-profit association, which stands up for the protection and reproduction of the Mélocactus intortus, commonly known as “Tête à l’anglais”.
Even though this type of plant is under protection, they could begin the reproduction of this cactus thanks to a resident of la Désirade, who makes seeds from his private collection available to them.

Therefore, the nursery is one of the top priorities of the 5 projects which are implemented by the association Cactophiles des Antilles.
Beginning of the reproduction of Mélocactus intortus in our nursery with seeds of a resident of La Désirade

And finally, with the permission of the prefecture of Guadeloupe to sell the cactus!